Unraveling the Magic: The Secret of My Success Soundtrack


Opening the window to the robust melodies that inherently weave through the fabric of the timeless masterpiece, the "Secret of My Success" soundtrack, this article shows not just the melodic intricacies of the score, but also its impact on pop culture and the world of OSTs (Original Soundtracks).

The Birth of an Iconic Soundtrack

The genius behind the "Secret of My Success" soundtrack is no other than David Foster, a Canadian musician, composer, and record producer. Known for his exceptional strategies in merging the powerful elements of rock, pop and cinematic music, he shaped the soundtrack into a gripping musical narrative that perfectly complemented the movie’s plot.

A Blend of Styles: The Building Blocks of the Soundtrack

The Secret of My Success soundtrack seamlessly marries various genres of music. With the punchy, brassy sound of 80’s pop-rock and the fluid swathes of orchestral arrangements, the soundtrack is an emotional rollercoaster with an undeniable lure.

Songs that Define an Era

Each track in the "Secret of My Success" soundtrack epitomizes the extravagant flamboyance of the musical scene in the 80s. "The Price of Love" by Roger Daltrey is an emotionally powered rock ballad that brings with it a surge of romantic nostalgia. "Something I Gotta Do", performed by Restless Heart, is a smooth, pop-infused track capturing the adaptive spirit of the film.

Instrumental Brilliance

David Foster’s instrumental compositions transcend the boundaries of language. Titles like "Riskin’ a Romance" and "Water Fountain" echo the movie’s emotions, layered with the mellow tones of the piano and the penetrating strength of the orchestral strings.

The Power of Collaboration

The Secret of My Success soundtrack features collaborations with renowned artists such as Roger Daltrey, Pat Benatar, and Night Ranger, imbuing the tracklist with diversity and depth.

Cultural Impact and Influence

As a compact disc of the musical zeitgeist of the 80s, this soundtrack has, over the years, become a cardinal monument in pop-culture. The combination of pop-rock, orchestral arrangements and the trademark 80s synthesizer pop had set a new standard for future OSTs.

Legacy of the Soundtrack

Even after decades, the music from the "Secret of My Success" soundtrack continues to spark emotions, resonating with listeners of all ages. This enduring appeal stands witness to the timeless charm of its music and its profound impact on the world of soundtracks.


The artistic brilliance of the "Secret of My Success" soundtrack lays not just in its musical diversity, but also the emotion it elicits. It is a musical masterpiece that has crafted a niche for itself in the annals of soundtrack history.

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